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The protection arm of our agency targets insurance products, including: life insurance,

disability insurance,

health insurance, and

long term care insurance.


Our investment prong is

multi-faceted.  It encompasses many familiar investment products including IRAs,

non-qualified securities accounts, annuities, 529 plans,

SIMPLE and SEP plans. 

We also educate our clients in less familiar investment tools.


Playing into all aspects of our business, is the retirement sector.   Planning for retirement is comprised of proper product selection and education through protection and investment.  

We also guide our clients through their retirement years with income stream and planning for future needs.  

Collin is one of a handful of professionals in

Mid-Missouri that is an RICP®.  As an Retirement Income Certified

Professional (RICP®), Collin has completed significant education and coursework to best serve and educate his clients on retirement benefits.

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